friends forever:)


i am still ecstatic about last sunday.  after more than 5 years, karen, my college best friend met up and bonded the whole afternoon.  naturally, i brought hubby and the kids with me.  we all met at gateway mall and after a hearty lunch, hubby and kob went separate ways (my boys had a basketball game to catch. lol). karen, julia, and i spent the rest of the afternoon catching up and window shopping.

well, actually, we only stayed in one shop because there were so much story to tell.  it’s a feat to bridge the years that we haven’t been in touch.  even the kids had a great time with their tita karen.  she brought, as pasalubong a goody bag which, to their delight, a nintendo ds lite. yey!


we sure did not leave any stone uncovered.  i mean, we talked about everything and anything under the sun.    it was good to relive college days.  no, she hasn’t married yet (and frankly, i don’t think there is any intention to. lol).  she is comfortable as she is–alone, fulfilled and happy.  hurray for you, phem!

how time flies when your having fun.  after a few cups of coffee, it was time to go.  i still wanted longer time but she had a trip to catch.  sad, but sweet and memorable ending.  im gonna see her again. soon.

maybe early next year i’ll visit her, and some more old friend in the province…. im coming back to naga:)

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