Fit and Run

Over the past few months I noticed that I gained weight.  Even my doctor commented on my sudden inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle.  For some reason, or perhaps, the demands of daily life has taken its toll.  Health and fitness is becoming a distant past.   I did a bit of research in the office and I found out that more than a handful of career moms unknowingly fall into the bulge trap.  Juggling work and family is just too much!

So, propelled by the goal of getting fitness back on track, I, along with other moms joined a running club.  Running, they say is a great way to relieve stress and get in shape.  Just the thought of doing something other than work and household makes me all excited. 

I found this really great sporting place for such stuff.  They not only have a wide variety of running shoes and pedometers, they also have amazing deals as well.   What’s more, you can find other sports and nutrition  needs here.  Truly, a haven for the health buff in everyone of us.


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