wrong move…


my son lost his cellphone in school last friday.  i know that for a nine year old, he’s way to young to have one but eversince the typhoon hit us, we lost our landline.  hubby and i thought it wise to allow him to have our old one for us to communicate easier (considering he has soccer practice every now and then).  i guess we made a wrong turn. 

i couldn’t blame his teachers because they never knew that kobe brings his phone to class.  one of our rule is not to let him show off his phone to his classmates.  knowing my son, im positive that he’d follow our instruction.  according to him, he saw his classmate  in on his desk and meddling with his bag while he was infront of the class during a reading activity.  my question was, why didn’t his teacher see?

i went to his class this morning to report the case.  as i had expected, no one saw anything amiss that day.  worse, was the fact that the teachers did not and will not take responsibility for it.  i was told that kids are not allowed to bring cellphones in school.  point taken.  what a painful blow on our part.

kobe had the phone just a few weeks ago, and it was just last friday (oct 9) that he “brought” it to school.  i told his teacher that i was not expecting the phone to be recovered.  i am just after the fact that teachers should look into instances that other kids meddle with stuff that that is not theirs. 

i found out, also that this kid is a bully.  so, it could be possible that kobe is a prey to such.  there are no tale tell signs of him being bullied, though.  kobe’s grades are good. he is a pupil leader.  an athlete and quite sociable.  he never showed otherwise…

so a very important lesson is learned today:  we only have ourselves to blame in this unfortunate incident.


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  1. Word says:

    “we only have ourselves to blame in this unfortunate incident”

    Maybe that’s what the teacher is trying to make you feel, but to me it sounds like the teacher is only covering his/her own back by behaving like that. If teachers shouldn’t take any responsibility for what happends in school, then who would? The kids are apparently to young to manage on their own, so if the teachers are disclaiming themselves from charge it means that the parents will have to be with their kids in school all the time and then we wouldn’t need any teachers at all.

  2. Helen says:

    Teachers should be responsible for it, since they are the acting parents of our children when our child is inside their classroom. and its their responsibility to guide and protect our children

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