another setback


while marikina nad other neighboring cities are still strugling to recover from the recent calamity, another major setback is presently lingering.  it seems suffering and hardship is way over, folks.  the recent damage to the taytay transformer has once again, brought devastating effects on our lives.  not only the power outages disrupted daily lives, but moreover the ill effects has disrupted rescue operations in areas still in depths of calamity.

how long can we endure this?  like i fequently say these days, though we are not directly affected, typhoon ondoy struck fear and panic inus.  can you just imagine how the ones greatly affected feel now?  my only prayer is that everyone will have the courage, the humility and most of all the patience to live through another setback.

i still find it hard to believe that our area falls victim again.  as it is, roaming around our neighborhood, one can never escape self pity and great loss.  roads are half filled with garbage (mud, broken furniture, soiled matresses, trash, etc.), heavily occupied evacuation sites, nerve racking traffic…  it will take  months to rise from the ashes.

do i dare say…”this, too shall pass”?

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