aloha friday#11


aloha! im so glad to be back and writing again. welcome to this week’s edition of aloha friday. as you may have figured, our country has recently been hit by a typhoon and the city where i live in suffered the most from heavy flooding. typhoon ondoy (ketsana) left hundreds homeless and some are still in deep waters. we still have yet to recover. …

my question for this week is:

how do you keep your kids entertained when electricity has been cut-off?


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  1. AuntieE says:

    Okay, when we had a hurricane hit us. We played games, card and board.

  2. pam says:

    Oh, very tough indeed.

    Play forts with the blankets and flashlights. Helps to keep warm too!

  3. Books, board games, coloring, building forts – anything to keep them busy. Good luck.

  4. sues2u2 says:

    Gotta go w/ the stand bys of cards, board games & reading.

  5. blueviolet says:

    Reading, crafts, games!

  6. angela says:

    Unfortunately, I experienced this when we had that HORRIBLE ice storm in Dec of 2007 here in Oklahoma. Ugh! It was torture! Depending on the light source, there is reading, board games, hide and seek, coloring, Nintendo DS if charged and the kids built blanket forts which helped with warmth since it was FREEZING!

  7. Oh….that is a tough one! We do lots of coloring, playing with flashlights “shadow puppets”…..good luck!

  8. MommyAmy says:

    Man, tough times. 😦 I’ll be praying.

    We’ve never had it go out since the girls have been born. But my guess is if it happened today we’d be making blanket forts, playing lots of peek-a-boo, and reading a lot of books. They’re only 2 1/2.

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