lessons from the aftermath

nothing ever prepared for what i witnessed this morning on my way to work.  the shuttle that i was on passed thru provident village and led its way to riverbanks enroute to ortigas.  its one thing to see typhoon images in tv and another seeing these images in the flesh.

swept-away houses, mud laiden streets, appliances afloat.  the devestation seem to go on and on.  as the aftermath of typhoon ondoy settles in, the effects are far from over.  the lives of hundreds of families, whether they like it or not, will never be the same again.  what i saw this morning was a nightmare, a holocaust.  i still can’t believe the how and why of everything.

i, too, am a resident of marikina.  i live about two kilometers away from provident village.  but unlike the others, we were fortunate that the heavy floods did not reach our house.  for that i am forever thankful.  i remember that morning during the storm, i was very irate because of the heavy rains and that water started pouring in from the rooftop.  i was very unaware of the ongoings outside the house.  i was even forcing my husband to go home early because i did not want to be left alone cleaning the house and keeping water from making a mess in the kitchen.

it was only by noon that my husband and my sister told me what was going on. i barely had a glimpse of the situation because the power went out.  when i finally had a grip, things were way to serious, the flooding was so deep and already hundreds loss and are still losing their homes.  that night kobe and i prayed the rosary and to father pio.

the events that took place the next day, coupled with the first account stories i heard from those stranded were overwhelming.  i salute the filipino spirit.  the strength of character, of finding humor even in the face of adversity.  the bayanihan trait still lives on.

i was not expecting to be shocked anymore by what i saw in the streets we passed by.  i was more than shocked.  i felt very humbled. i felt grateful.  i felt i have no reason to complain about things.  i feel that i have to do my share and that ia have a social and moral responsibility.

i am encouraging everyone to reach out and help.  here’s the link on how to help.

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