the ordeal

i mentioned in my previous post about a distaster.  well, im talking abot the storm that hit us last night.  typhoon ondoy.  the thing is, the metro was just under signal number 1  but the heavy rain and severe floods left quite a devastating mark in the city.

several streets were submerged in chest-deep and neck deep waters.  hundred of commuters were stranded and  still a hundred cars were found sinking as well.  among the greatest hit, is marikina and its neighboring areas.  i got several call and text messages inquiring about our safety.  i am not a stranger to floods here in marikina, but what i saw last night sent me the shivers.   i was dead worried.  i had two major problems (1) floods reaching our house; (2) hubby because like the rest, he was also stranded.  but unlike others, he decided to brave the storm just to get home.

since it was just me, kobe and julia at home, i was really frantic.  good thing my sisters and some friends kept in touch.  by 3pm hubby called to say that he might make it at home by dark.  he was already threading his way on foot because no more transpo available.  the downpour hasn’t stopped.  while the flood didnt reach our house, my sister said that there are no more passable roads in marikina.  the news confirmed what i just heard.  my hopes of having my husband at home by dark seemed just a cold whiff of air.

by 4 pm the power went off.  hubby was nowhere to be reached.  i tried my best not to show the kids my dread.  i would here from my husband again by 9pm.  he said he walked from comonwealth to u.p. but found the tumana bridge in heavy waters and decided to come back–on foot.

the next time i heard from him was 11pm. he was in sm marikina.  the kids and i were having a hard time sleeping.  i was so scared out of my wits thinking about our safety and hubby’s.  although the rains has already stopped and the flood (in the garage) subsided, the power would not come back till 4 am.  kobe and i prayed the rosary and to father pio) when it was really getting very difficult for us to stay calm.  this is the first time the kids experienced such a disaster.

it was around 10 am that my husband showed up, looking very tired and aghast.  he endured a 12 hour walk.  after he had cleaned up and had a bite to eat, he re-told the ordeal he went through, along with others. he described how depp the water was, the cold, the rains and the hunger.

it made me realize that there are things far more important and anyting else.  that there are things worth risking.  family is hubby’s driving force… he could’ve chosen to stay in the office and wait for the storm to subside, but he chose us.  to be home with us.  the blisters on his feet are proof of the ordeal he faced but most importantly, it’s a sign of his unwavering love for us.


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