Aloha Friday#10


Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.  In Hawaii Friday is the time for taking things easy.  So, Kailani of An Island Life thought of adopting a laid back approach to blogging.  Just a simple answer to a simple question.  That’s it!  Be sure to drop by and comment on other participants.  This is a great way to earn new bloggy friends.

My question is:

What dish best describe you and why?


It’s Kare-Kare for me.  Kare-kare is a native Filipino dish and a classic favorite for everyone.  I chose this dish because aside from it being an all time favorite, the dish has some hint of foriegn influences on it.  Just like every Filipino–a mix of several culture of sorts:)

One Comment Add yours

  1. Oh, now this is tough. Mostly because I can’t think about food without wanting to eat what I’m thinking about! Let me see… I think I would be my grandma’s fried chicken. LOL!

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