two books, one (rainy) day

it was a glommy day yesterday.  rains have been pouring every now and then.  all we could do was really to stay indoors doing whatever.  aha! what a perfect day to catch up on my reading,  i finished two books yesterday.  one, was a borrowed novel, “the  guardian” by nicholas sparks.  the other was my son’s book, ” the ragged peddler

reading the second book was more out of curiousity.    kobe was given a reading project and was asked to make a book report on that story in a weeks time.  i enjoyed reading this children’s classic.  in fact, i also shared the story with my little julia.

this is his second time making book report.   the first book he read was aesop’s fables.  he made a report on two stories there.  i was impressed that he got a 94 grade for his project.  he did not even ask help with it.

of course, the guardian was the one i plan to read this weekend.  light but with an unexpected twist, i must say.  really entertaining.

my kind of saturday..:)


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  1. Best way to spend those rainy days, immersed into a good book.

  2. Marites says:

    i have the book, the guardian but i have yet to read it. I hope i can read it soon:) as always, nicholas sparks love doing some twists in his books.

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