filling the gap


hey im back! after two weeks of being MIA, ive finally made my way in these pages.  its good to be home…

let me fill the gap i so deliberately left in my absence.  i already wrote about my net connection being also MIA.  i was out of the loop for, i think a week.  gosh, it was the longest week i had!  when i did sneak in a few internet time (at work), i maximized my time and had all my expiring tasks finished.  it was a good thing that i was able to squeeze my sideline online job while at work.  heck! i was so scared getting caught by our IT dept.

then there was cory.  at the time the news broke out, i already had my internet connection at home.  yahoo! but, i opted to stay offline because, i was so caught up with the political icon death coverage.  you could just image how i spent practically almost all my waking hours, glued on the tv.  it seemed that my world came to a sudden hilt.

now that ive found my pace, i think i have to start blogging like crazy (lol).  there are quite a few i love to write about.  i hope i wont forget them.

so there, the blank pages in a nutshell.  im so happy to be writing again 🙂


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