to me, on my 37th birthday

dear me,

today is your 37th birthday.  funny how the years seem to go unnoticed.  had it really been that long?  well, looking back, i think you have come a long way.  life has been a challenge and frankly, dear, you’re doing a good job coping and succeeding.  i know you’re worried about your age showing traces.  they’re not so bad, and believe me, the lines are barely there.  just think about all the blessings you had all these years.  the kids. your marriage. great friends. work.  they are all gifts. fruits of love and labor.

if there’s something that needs a little attention, it’s for you to have the time to “stop and smell the  roses”.  true, family and work takes the top spot in your list.  but, hey, there is more to life than slaving in the office and the house.  take it easy.  step out of your comfort zone and try exploring uncharterred territories.  you owe it yo yourself.

i know, you are happy exactly where you are now.  inspite the bumps, you have mastered the familiar trenches in your life.  but trust me, there’s a brave, big world out there waiting to be conquered.  age is just a number.  it should not limit anything.

so, there, a little piece of me.  the tiny voice begging to be acknowledged.  happy birthday again.  more than blessings, i wish you a new leash on life. a fresh perspective. go and celebrate.  the best is yet to come.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. joy says:

    Happy b day! Stay Funny, pretty n Flirty 🙂
    Don’t worry, we Asians aged WELL (wink)

  2. Jen says:

    Happy Birthday!! I think I’m going to write myself one of these letters this year. I like the idea!

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