recovering well


i’m back.  sorry for the late posts.  as mentioned before, i was swamped with mommy duties.  would you believe that during the past week both kids got sick?  kobe recovered beatifully after a bout with flu,  julia, on the other hand, had to be hospitalized.

DSC00567  we spent two days in the hospital.  her diagnosis was acute brochitis.  funny because there were no symptoms.  well, save for the fever and colds.  i think what sent her to confinement was the big rashes that spread on her face and arms.  a manifestation of uticaria, i was told.


it was a close call of some sort.  we almost spent her 4th birthday in the hospital.  good thing her doctor gave us the thumbs up.  we were discharged the day before her birthday.  to date, julia is on her way to full recovery.  her diet is strictly monitored, though. little by little she is regaining her bubbly self back.

oh, by the way… story on her 4th birthday will follow


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  1. Aww, poor baby! I’m so glad she is on the mend and out of the hospital. She’s absolutely gorgeous!

    My son spend his 2nd birthday in the hospital (overdose… little monkey somehow found a bottle of rx pills. he was fine, but they kept in him ICU for monitoring). It’s been a year now, and I still feel guilty. ><

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