i wish i could be more positive. or optimistic, even.  the fact is, im feeling really lousy. we (hubby and i) had a major disruption in our regular routine yesterday. (and it sure shows no signs of getting back on track yet)

we had to bring julia to the hospital yesterday because of high fever and rashes (that’s another story).  as usual, i was not able to go to work.  mommy duties was so pressing that i had no choice but to give in.  not that im complaining, but frankly, work  is getting affected.  eversince we lost our household help, life’s been a juggle for me.  i’m barely keeping up.

in the verge of breaking down, i told hubby to split duties with me.  so today im in the office but, honestly, all i can think of is julia.  i am just not all up to the thought of being not there.

i’m tired, grumpy, and fustrated.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheng says:

    Just hang on and be strong! My prayers and thoughts goes out to you . . .

  2. Megan says:

    Sorry to hear that things aren’t going well in your world right now. Prayers for your family!

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