child’s play

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kobe, my 9 year old is so addicted to this game.  every time he gets a chance to use the computer, i always find him playing. 

of course, julia has also her favorite game too.  i don’t know when or how she’d figure this one out, but she seem to be really enjoying this game.  julia gets a kick watching the bartender’s facial expression whenever a drink is tested.

                                                    Play The Right Mix    
i don’t allow the kids to use the computer often.  two hours a week is plenty.  as much as i want them to be adept, it’s still important that their minds and imagination are challenged by other things (reading, arts, crafts, and sports).

honestly, i’ve never played these games before.  a couple of weekends ago, i got myself to try it.  i admit, they’re kinda fun.  looks like im joining the line…lol


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  1. Mommy J says:

    Hi Mommy Abby!

    These games can be really addicting. I’m trying to stay away from them as much as i can. The new craze in Facebook right now is Farmtown, Sorority etc. I have no plans of taking a peek at them kasi baka ako ma adik…hahaha…

    Hope you’re having a great week!

    Mommy J

  2. chris says:

    hello mommy! do try to drop by my site.. maybe you can join us at mommy moments! its a weekly meme done every friday.. see you around!

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