free donuts :)


i got this email this morning from my fave donut place, krispy kreme.  the message goes:

Krispy Kreme Celebrates Six Dozen Years of Making Today Special

What could an anniversary gift of more than 10,000 free doughnuts on July 13 mean?

 It means that Krispy Kreme, one of the world’s best loved doughnuts, is now on its 72nd year of making every person’s day special with its delectable doughnuts and signature coffees.

And to celebrate the brand’s 6 dozen years in the business, Krispy Kreme Philippines together with 16 other countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia will hold a one day fan appreciation event at all Krispy Kreme stores with a special offer:

One free Original Glazed Doughnut to all loyal Krispy Kreme patrons with any purchase.

as an early birthday treat, im sharing this with everyone….lol


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  1. WOAH! I am so there. I may have to camp out in front of the doors the night before. 😉

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog on Friday! I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July weekend!

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