no regrets


have you ever felt your world is crumbling into a million little pieces?  that no matter how hard you hold on tight, it’s till slipping?  well, im in that particular moment now.  no, really not that”big” of a problem, its more of unexpected turn of events that, it seem to be getting worse.

the thing is, all these have to do with a CHOICE i made some 3 years ago.  i hate to admit it, but i think i made the wrong move.  i cannot undo everything anymore.  there is no turning back for us.  what’s just left to do is to move forward.  but its not that easy.  there are several aspects to consider.  and that what’s making it so difficult, not to mention painful.

i’m not pa naman the type who’d attack things head on.  i move “sideways”…and then pounce!  done at my own pace.  there’s a saying that goes “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.  partly true for me.  i do “go” but not in the direction the pressure forces me to. 

so, with conviction, i constantly remind myself …”no regrets, no worries.  i am exactly where i’m supposed to be.  this, too shall pass”


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