confirmed case


confirmed!  marikina has one confirmed case of the dreaded A(H1N1) virus.  OMG.  two schools have already re-called their classes.  im still waiting for my son’s school to follow suit.  i hope they do it ASAP.  im really worried…

according to doctors, although everyone can readily be inflicted with the flu, more suseptible ones are those who are asthmatic.  both kids and i fall into that category.  all three of us had shots of the flu vaccine but, i was told the a(n1h1) is a diffrent strain.  the vaccine we had offers no guarantee of immunization. 

 i did some research and found that there is a drug we can take to help TREAT and PREVENT flu.   it’s pricey(P150/tab), but im sure its worth the buck.  unfortunately, big drugstores are already running out of stock and is available only with prescription.  moreover, liquid type (for kids ages 2-up) is not yet available in the phils.

tsk,tsk,tsk.  along with the preventive measures and early detection, i think prayer is still the best cure. 

god protect our kids..


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  2. Sheng says:

    TGIF! Have fun this weekend!

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