old times, good times


i have nothing but praises for facebook these days.  im not really very much into social networking sites until this.  you can rely on FB to bridge the distance and bring people together.

this is what happened during lizzie’s birthday.  it all started with an invitation sent via facebook.  with a few clicks here and there… voila! instant reunion.  so far, this is the happiest and coolest children’s party i’ve been to.  while our kids had so much fun with the games and the goodies, the grown-ups had equally (if not, even better) terrific time.  it was a blast from the past! old friends (old flames), laughter, endless “chika”… these are my school buddies.  not really my batchmates (actually, they are my sister ava’s college friends), but in the height of my drinking days, these guys and gals have sort of, evolved from beer buds to great friends:)

gotta hand it to little lizzie and mommy noemi for hosting the best kiddie party!

thanks to frunch and korkee for the pix:)

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