disturbingly true

i thought i’ve seen and heard all the good, the bad, and ugly hollywood has to offer, i’ve been stomped.  this one is a show stopper. 

                                          Carradine Was Found Dead, Hanged in Closet of Bangkok Hotel Room

im talking about david carradine.  ever heard of him?  he’s the kung-fu guy and one of the lead actors in the “kill bill” series.  well, news of his “death” wasn’t really a shocker. i guess death (esp suicide) is as frequent as birth and marriage in hollywood.  what is totally disgusting and disturbing are the photos.

thai forensics published mr. carradine’s death photos.  and it’s really not funny, nor entertaining.  it is only fitting that members of his family and the rest of hollywood is outraged by it. 

tabloids are notoriously known for exposing celebrities private life, but this one has gone way too far.  sick, sick, sick!  is there a way we could regulate this sort of thing?


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