today is my friend and coleague’s last day of work.  after 13 years being a corporate slave, she finally called it quits.  good for her.  finally moving out of her comfort zone to a comfortable one. congratulations, girl!


have been friends for like 5 years now.  one of the most memorable part of my working life, i must say.  yesterday, along with other officemetes, we had a farewell lunch for her.  amidst the excitement and the well wishes, i know im going to miss her.  her contagious laugh, long talks and wisdom, and the showbiz chika.

im not so sure if i ever made her feel how grateful i am for the friendship.  or if i have ever appologized for something i may have done.  the thing is, especially in our line of work, words tend to get lost in the daily grind.  i’ll  be sad to see her leave, but im really happy for her. 

so, bye, rochelle… thank you and see you soon!

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  1. It’s sad to see a friend go, but it’s great to know that she’s gonna be so happy ;D I hope you’ll get to see each other soon! *hugs*

    P.S. Got 2 awards for you here sweetie: http://mommysoul.co.cc/2009/06/mommysoul-got-awarded.html

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