yummy saturday:)


the heavy and frequent rains during the weekends was a damper on my kids saturday activity.  we haven’t been to our favorite bookstore these past weeks.  boredom was beginning to kick in.  we tried sorts of things to do, but the novelty of it quickly fades away.  no, home movies wasn’t the cure either.  for the first time in months, i  ran out of new movies to show.


luckily, the answer to my household dilemma is just a few meters away from the office.  i found a foodie haven of sorts in bakers’ depot.  i know, i know, im not really a baker nor shall i claim to be one.  in fact, folks, im terrified of using the oven (this is another story!).  it’s just that this cool shop has lotsa food crafts for both young and old.  mind you, i really found it hard to resist trying one or two.



i figured, since kobe and julia seem to show quite an interest in the kitchen, introducing them to a new form of “entertainment” (a.k.a chocolate candy making) would be the perfect boredom buster, not to mention a great learning experience for them.  so, armed with our very first candy making tools (double boiler, mold, spatula, etc) and ingredients, we all got our hand deliciously dirty.  we made and molded our very first chocolate truffles using half a block bittersweet chocolate and milk.  the result was a work in progress, but it did tasted good.  hubby loved it and had even seconds and thirds of our treat.


hmmm… problem solved. kids are happy, dada is satisfied and mommie has her sanity back:)


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  1. Candy making is so much fun. I had a ball making these homemade caramel apples by Martha Stewart. Perfect for Halloween!

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