health scare


recent news about a la salle student catching the A(N1H1) virus really scared me.  i can’t bear to think about the number of people the student has gotten contact with.  truly, this is a cause for a pandemic uproar.

i fear for my kids.  though we all got our flu vaccine shots, i still worry that the strain would affect us.  the weather, too is no help.  with the current heavy rains, im sure a lot of people are suseptible to colds and flu.

precautionary measures practiced at home.  for the past couple of weeks, we conscientiously avoid going to crowded places.  i also re-inforced frequent hand washing to everyone.  i’ve also stacked up on more vitamin c to boost their immune system , while i’ve also managed to sneak in veggies in the kids meal.

i really hope a cure or a vaccine will be found soon.  i pray that everyone will be spared of this virus.

god , keep our children safe…

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