forgiven but not forgotten?


i will probably hate myself for this.  i will probably have several “what-ifs” after this.  i will probably regret doing this.  but for now, strange as it may seem, i feel relieved….

i will not go into details yet but, i hope you guys allow me (and bear with me) as i offer only glimpse and flashes of “it”.   after careful consideration, and several consultations (with other people involved), i chose to forego of a situation which has plagued me for sometime now.  not that things will be forgotten or that the stress, not to mention the hurt be dispensed with, but there are things that had to be set aside in the meantime.

in all honesty, i’d like to teach this person a valuable lesson.  but the severest form of penalty is not my style.  after all, there is still a thin thread of humanity left in me. and the term “friend“, albeit shamelessly abused, still rings.

im sure, in one point of our lives, we all have been betrayed.  was it a case of “forgiven but not forgotten?” or “forgotten but not forgiven?”

i guess the answer(s) will dawn on me in the days to come…

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