happy birthday, kobe :)


i remember vividly how i was blessed with the cutest, most adorable and handsome little boy.  carrying for nine months was not easy.  i was sickly and mostly annoyed by the changes in me.  when he finally came out, all the hardships and pain became a distant memory.  he was so perfect–all 9.5 lbs of him.  that was years ago.

today, kobe celebrates his ninth birthday and i am still awed  by him.  he has grown to be a good boy.  always mindful of others, responsible, and caring.  recently, kobe has become quite helpful in the house.  i never tells him to, but he does volunteer for small chores (so is little sis, julia).  so far, i have no problems in school with him.  constantly on the honor’s list and is proving to be quite an athlete.  what more could a parent ask for?

if i have all the money in the world, i would give him every toy his heart desires.  but for now, it will have to be one gift from me and other one from his dad.  there is nothing more i wish for him except for him to continue to be the good boy that he is and that he stay healthy.

happy birthday, son.

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  1. Khristal says:

    aww 9 years old Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy happy 9th birthday kobe boy 🙂

    You are a growing fine young man based from your mom’s stories and we are all proud of you.

    Wish we were to celebrate it with you!
    We love you!

    Mwah, toto, tita em and ethan

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