the curious case of dr. kho

a hectic schedule was not a hindrance for me to inject some funfare in my turf.  the recent showbiz hullabaloo proved to be quite an entertainment to me.  i am talking about the very popular and now notorious mr. hayden kho sextravaganza.

up until last weekend, my knowledge about the “scandal” was formed from bit and pieces of kwento.  i never really gave it much thought because things like this are kinda typical, especially in the local celebrity scene.  well, my curiosity ticked off when i noticed politicians eagerly dipping their already dirty fingers in the issue.

so, here i am. just like scores of others who won’t pass on a juicy scandal, did a bit of research (as if it was necessary!) and voila! got myself the real deal.  unfortunately for me,  the downloads made me even more thirsty to get to the “bottom” of everything.  each day new faces are added to this Casanova scandal.  hmmm… being a lover of mystery, i can’t help but give my very own theories .

sorry, folks, but my mind is flashing me with these thoughts and points surrounding the curious case of dr. vincent kho. you may, or may not agree with my views but, hey….feel free to say your piece.

1.  i think there is some truth to the accusation that dr. vicky belo may be behind the video leak.  although its true that the ex lovers got back together, it does not mean that ALL is forgotten.  remember the old adage, “hell hath no fury like a woman scored“? (way to go, vb!)

2.  if we are to take hayden kho’s mother’s tv interview accusing the whole thing to be scripted and “directed” by lolit solis herself, ( the original scandal queen), then i think this is a classic case of a political move to which senator bong revilla will very much benefit from.  ah, nothing beats high impact exposure for the 2010 elections….

3.  last but not the least, the release of such videos may be done with the consent of mr casanova himself.  you know, as a peace offering and a way to get back status quo.  there are reports that vb gave him back the really expensive car and his condo unit in makati.  guess our boy paid dearly for love.

the moral lesson of this story is: “look before you leap” (LOL)

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  1. bilanggong unggoy says:

    you don’t need to watch tv or browse the internet. kahit saan ka magpunta magiging-in ka. sa tindahan, sa parlor, sa terminal ng shuttle, sa terminal ng trike, sa karinderia, sa canteen at kung saan saan pa. minsan nga pati kasambahay mo di mo man tanungin, kaw pa babalitaan. di na rin pinapansin masyado ng mga tao ang istorya at dahilan, mga mediamen na lang ata nagkakainteres sa tunay o anumang dahilan. mas tinutututukan ng sambayanan ang mga video pa na lalabas. sabi nga nila, kung wala ka pang hayden video sa pc mo, malamang wordstar4 pa rin at lotus123 pa rin ang gamit mo at hindi pa ms word or ms excel. hehehehehehe

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