temporarily unavailable


i observed that the past few trickled entries i have here i seem to be appologizing of sorts.  well, today is no exception.  as much as i would like to fill you folks in, i always find myself in dire need to do something else.  i have been and, unfortunately, still TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

i am still without a househelp.  it’s been like, a month already.  if there’s one thing i realized, juggling work, housework and childcare is a major feat.  i am forever tired, it seems.  my life has now become a constant swirl of activity.  no stops.  the only rest i have is when the lights go out….

don’t get me wrong, folks.  i am not remiss in my search for the fitting househelp.  in fact, i was very close to hiring one but for some unexplainable reason the woman i was supposed to hire backed out.  now, im back to square one.

today, i am at home and on leave because the kids are sick.  both came down with a bad cold and is somewhat feverish.  while the kids are resting and watching tv, i took this rare opportunity to blog.  honestly, i’ve been thinking about kinda settling at home.  if only the right opportunity comes, i will bravely take the chance of being a SAHM.

ah…. wishful thinking.  in the meantime, i ask you guys and gals to bear with me.  something has to take the backseat for awhile.

wish me luck!


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