Resto Nightmare


The afternoon before I left for Baguio, my friend, Shelly and I decided to check the new Italian resto in the new Atrium wing of SM Megamall, Amici.  Like all the new restaurants we’ve been to (and enjoyed), we expect not only a gastonomy high but also a pleasant experience.

Little did we know that we would encounter a diffrent story.  No, this is not about food gone bad or service note forgetting but something else…

Let me start by saying that Amici is a self service establishment.  This was the first, among all the joints we visited.  So, like the rest of their patrons.  We found us a table, got the menu and shortly debated on what to order.  Once we had our minds made up, I went to the counter to place our orders.

The place was busy.  Servers were coming from all corners, table were constantly filled and left.  Not even a slight suspiscion that something bad is going to happen.

Then…boom! a shrill voice silenced the buzzing customers.  A woman lost her handbag.  To my surprise, their table was just beside ours.  No one knew how it happened.  In a blink of an eye, the woman lost everything.

The restaurant security did an investigation.  Eye witness revealed that they saw a middle aged couple near the table but they all thought they the couple was with the woman.  Some also claimed that this couple created a diversion.  The older woman appeared to have “slipped” beside the table and her companion helped her get up.

I never really saw what happened.  The incident transpired while I was in the counter.  My friend said that things happened so fast., she too was clueless.  The only thing I recall was that I heard a server say to another that a part of an aisle was slippery.  Somebody slipped.

As much as we like to enjoy our meal, this sort of “accident” dampened our spirits.  I think everyone in the vicinity also felt the same.  To say that the food is great is not fitting.  How can one truly enjoy food when every now and then you have to look over your shoulder?

We didn’t wait for the rest of the security.  What we saw was enough.  We definitely did get what we came here for.


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