las paellas


i didn’t think i’d miss the city, the lights and its chaos.  well, sadly, i did.  my system wants to get back to the “normal”.  so, as an opening salvo, my friends and i hit the newest resto in galleria–las paellas.  we haven’t tried spanish food yet.  so this was unanimously decided upon.

we first odered a sizable seafood pomelo salad.  it was delicious.  the dressing was really good, the perfect blend of sweet and tangy.  i only wish they had more pomelo in it.

seafood pomelo salad

next, we had soup.  shelly and i ordered the clam chowder, while rochelle had cream of mushroom.  nothing out of the ordinary… it was really hot , though.  it did got our appetites rolling. lol!clam chowder

true to its name, the resto specializes in the old spanish comfort food,  PAELLA (pronounced as pa-ey-ah).  the most popular is the valenciana, a flavorful rice dish cooked with spanish paprika, shellfish, meat, beans and eggs. yum!  i can even taste the saffron in it.  the serving was huge.  there are three of us but we didn’t get to eat everything.  i find the paella a bit too salty, though.  sqeezing a few drops of lemon didn’t help.  save for that, this platter is a winner. really tasty!


out of curiousity, we asked for their garlic chicken.  heavenly.  the garlic infused sauce was the perfect compliment to the meat. yummy…


we were so stuffed, there was no room for dessert.  i decided to get a last look on the menu, though (in case i still want something :)).  i realized that this spanish resto also serves some filipino specialties like kare-kare and bulalo.  heck! they even have banana fritters for dessert.

all in all, our dining experience was ok. food was good, but the service was a bit slow.  i suggest not taking long when ordering so to save you from the long wait.  as a saving grace, we got a good deal–our paella was free.  i think they have this promo or something.  for every P500, you get a paella platter for free.

not bad, eh?

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