back from vacay


yep.  vacation is over, im back to regular programing.  the four days in baguio  was a breather for me.  i spent my waking hours enjoying the scenery and braving the cold.  hubby and i got the chance to scour all the ukay-ukay shops in town.  mind you, folks, prices in the shops are a bit too steep. probably because there are a lot of tourists/out-of-towners sprawling the city.

the weather was really cold.  plus, there are rainshowers every so often.  imagine i was in sweats and socks the whole time we were there.  the kids enjoyed their stay immensely.  its a rare occassion that they get to bond with their cousins.  the last time we saw them, it was about three years ago.  kobe, even got to try his hand on wushu.  he went with cousins boopy, dumpy, and max in their training at teacher’s camp.

aside from lazing around and going about town, i consider one of the highlights of my stay is baking.  i jumped on the opportunity of learning basic skills of baking from my SIL, jean.  we made several batches of oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies.  hubby and julia loved them so much that im contemplating of getting a convection oven and whipping some myself.  heck! if im good, i can even sell them. hmmm….

the weekend was good for me.  tiring (and expensive), i admit, but all worth it.  it brought us closer as a family and united even more our ties.  now im ready to face work and life refreshed. 

ooops, by the way you can check out our pictures here.


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  1. I bet you guys had a nice vacation in Baguio but please save us next time some sort of tipsters so we can all savour the juice in your vacation. You know, something like how much this resto costs or this ukay ukay regular blouse does or the vegies and their prices back there during which month which by the way are probably for me the most interesting because we all love vegies in the family. Overall, I enjoyed reading your posts especially the spanish resto you guys ate. It’s just I seem to go looking for price details or the location / address of the resto as always so it could serve as a tip or something we can use later on when we get there. Thanks for posting!

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