okay, its me again.  late in posting as usual.  i admit, but this is NOT what i intend to.  there have, unfortunately, been some unavoidable circumstances.   life is a little too tricky on me lately: i can barely keep up.

for starters, i have no househelp.  i know, just a couple of weeks i kept on talking about the kids’ yaya.  you know, stuff like how she cares for them, etc.  well, guess what?  i lost her to a more lucrative job.  she was offered a job too good to resist (at least to her).  so folks, for the past two weeks, i’ve been juggling (barely succeeding) work and housekeeping, and childcare.

i have never been so danm tired.  for three days a week, i bring julia to work with me.  what a feat, i tell you. everyday, i would rush home to cook dinner, do the dishes, bathe the kids and clean the house.  this is how my day goes two weeks and (i hope not) counting.  my social life has been reduced to zero.  heck! i can’t even enjoy a glass of wine….

anyways, the funny part is that im getting used to this kind of set-up.   the kids and hubby seem to have adjusted to our hectic lifestyle.  mind you, this is not something i am willing to settle for.  i just hope i would find a yaya next week.   in the meantime, we are going on a trip for the long weekend.

yup.  we’re baguio bond tonight.  i so can’t wait.  kobe is set to play soccer, hubby gets to visit her sister, and i get to go ukay-ukay shopping.  yahooo! nothing beats retail therapy.

wish me luck, folks…i hope the weather cooperates.  please, god, let there be light.  keep you posted boys and girls

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  1. Rowena says:

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