I have not really thought of what to do for a couple of days.  i know we, like the rest of the poplace (i think) should be out there, somwhere enjoying thw sun and the beach, or the surroundings.  Afterall, it’s Holyweek.  But, like many a holidays in our household, we’re stuck at home.  No, Im not complaining.  The truth is, I kinda got used to staying at home.  Hubby has to work and as we always do, our vacation will be in a few weeks.

Yeah, we kinda do things at our own time.  Until then, I am tasked with keeping the kids entertained as the rest of the world vacations.  There’ll be arts and crafts for us starting today.  Since the malls (and the bookstore) are closed, we will have to spend the afternoons by the pool.  Which means, a huge sacrice on my part because I really hate going out in the sun.  Mornings are pretty busy for us too.  The kitchen will be our learning haven.  Just a few weeks ago, I took on a project of teaching the kids simple kitchen stuff.  Im glad Kobe and Julia were enthusiastic about it.

As for me, my spare time will be spent organizing and de-cluttering.  May  be read a book and watch dvd’s even.   Till next time, folks.


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  1. John n Joy says:

    Hey girl! Don’t feel bad coz guess you’re one of the lucky ones who get holidays while the other side of the world are working 🙂 ( I am actually jealous)

    Go out n enjoy the sun, be a kid again and laugh harder, you’ll be surprised how fun and rejuvenating it would be !

    have a beautiful day!


  2. Arlene says:

    am also home bound, Abby. Because of the heat, id rather stay at home..or spending time at the mall going around is also fun.

    it’s been awhile since i came by to visit your blog. i hope all is well.

    have a blessed easter week-end…and hey, i would appreciate if you can vote for me.

    Thank you very mucy, Abby!

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