wolverine movie leak


when i arrived from the office the other night, i found hubby and my son seriously engrossed over something in the computer.  i didn’t pay much attention to what they were watching, dismissing it as an old marvel flick on youtube.

until last night while watch a foreign entertainment magazine show, i realized that what my boys were watching is actually the upcoming prequel to the xmen series, wolverine.  yes, folks.  the movie is yet to be shown on may 1 but apparently it leaked its way to the internet.


according to fox films executive, the version of the film is NOT complete and vowed to persecute whoever the source is.   i tried checking out the said link, unfortunately i couldn’t get through.

while its fun to the first on whatever is hot, spoilers are a diffrent thing.  on the other hand, this could be a hype. you know, something to fuel the public’s curiosity.

to set the record straight, my boys didn’t “finish” the film.  they were shooting mean looks at me when i walked over and shut the computer down.  oops, i said.  it’s dinner time.


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  1. MArites says:

    some bootlegs are already doing the rounds here but a lot of people are quite disappointed with those as they are really unfinished. My advise…go get to the movie and see the real one:)

  2. Dan says:

    We published some thoughts on preventing this from happening in the future. Obviously Hollywood can’t sustain this type of leak.


  3. I also read about this leak before. But definitely, it’s not a complete film. Watching the polished film is definitely the best than. I’ve watched the movie and it’s great! I now understand why Wolverine got into the X-MEN group.

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