online, again…..


howdy, folks!  i know its been like a million years since you heard from me. hmmm…. i’ve been gone exactly a month and fifteen days.  truth is, i was so busy with tons of work these past weeks.  with the current financial crisis hovering in, my entire workplace resulted in multi tasking and cost cutting measures.  which translates to limited use of the internet, virtually no overtime pay, but most definitely with longer, extended hours. hey! don’t get me wrong….im not complaining, it just took quite an adjustment (esp. with regards to the OT policy).

all these weeks i worked my ass off.  it is during these months that our work in the financial department really takes a chaotic spin.  i am swamped with preparations for board and stockholder’s meeting.  not to mention the seemingly endless bouts with our auditors.  belive it or not guys, i even forgot my fb and wp passwords.  i sure did miss a lot!

but now im, well, not really on vacay.  but at least the upcoming holydays will be giving a much needed rest.  it has been my personal policy to stay away the computer whenever im at home.  as much as possible i’d like to be homemaker (and mom) during my free time.  but today is an exception.  i trully miss being socially online.  my weekend these past weeks were spent in the kitchen and in the bookstore with the kids.  i was kinda hooked up on introducing them to cooking.  proud to say tha kobe and julia takes delight in helping me make pancakes from scratch (thanks to my sil, vernie for teaching me this yummy treat).  afternoons are usually spent in the neighborhood bookstore.  we’d just sit around and read to our heart’s content.

with all these said and done, i am now ready to face life online again.


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