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I relish moments like this.  A quiet house.  HUbby and the kids far deep in dreamland.  Having too much of my caffine fix, sleep evades me.  Good.  Now, I have the excuse of inviting my old friend in to keep me company–my trusty dvd player. 

I realize I have some really good movies on hand but never really saw them because of, you know, stuff–work, housekeeping, homework, etc.  Ah…tonight is my chance.  I have the dvd all to myself. What a perfect time to be alone.

First on my list is Kate Winslet’s The Reader.  I heard so much about this film.  I got my curiosity satisfied and more.  I commend her portrayal.  Marvelous performance, really fitting of an Oscar.  Based on the  novel written by German law professor Bernard Shlink, I found the story to be haunting.  Bravo!

                                                    Poster art for "The Reader."


The next was Isla Fischer’s Confessions of a Shopaholic.  I haven’t finished the book, nor have I read the other sequels, but I did enjoy its movie version.  I really love the clothes, shoes and bags.  Kinda reminded me of my retail therapy….hahahaha!


The last but not the least for my movie night, I had Bride Wars.  I don’t know why I’d pick this film, maybe because I love both actresses.  Truth is, I was a bit shortchanged with it.  I fell in love with Anne Hathaway’s look, though.


My eyes really sting now.  After three movies, I think Im done for the day.  Gotta catch some shut eye and prepare for two more workdays before the holidays.

OMG!? I guess I have to stuck up with some more movies…


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  1. cello85 says:

    wow you pulled a hat trick? Thats hardcore! The reader was a really good film, I enjoyed it. The other 2 are a little too chick flick for me lol. I have a movie review blog, swing by sometime, you might find something to add to your future movie nights 🙂

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