let me share with you a taxi incident that really irked me and hubby.  we were on our way home yesterday from my sister’s place (pasig).  hubby hailed a cab near the pasig church.  he told the driver to take us to marikina.    we were stunned when the driver announced: “P350 po”

i told him to use his meter instead.  we usually pay about P160-P180 each trip.  The driver did not say anything so hubby asked if he was going to meter our trip or not.  the driver again demanded P250 instead.  I thought it to be too much.  it’s extortion!   Hubby stressed a point by telling the driver to meter our trip or else we will leave the cab.

to me relief, the driver obliged.  thinking that everything was settled, i laid back and tended to the childredn.  Little did i know that the taxi’s meter was ticking so fast.  no wonder hubby was unusually quiet.

i just realized something was really wrong when hubby order me and the kids to leave the cab, while still a few hundred meters away from the house.  yun pala, the driver was demanding that we pay P200 (the meter read P156).  There was some sort of arguement, Hubby then settled to pay P200. 

When we got home, he immediately called the cab’s operator to complain (hubby cleverly saved the taxi’s phone  and plate no.)  he was able to talk to, i think the manager and was promised that the said driver will be suspended for such an act.  Hubby also mentioned something about reporting the incident to a consumer hotline or some regulatory board.

i really don’t know if the taxi operator would indeed suspend their “abusive” driver.  what i do know is that people will always take advantage of a situation.



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  1. It’s sad what extent some people go to just to earn extra bucks.

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