Let the Games Begin…

The Rizal Interschool Football Associateion (R.I.F.A.) kicked off 2009 with a January tournament.  Kobe’s soccer team (Marist Midgets) are once again, pitted against several schools (Ateneo, British International School, Claret, Colegio De San Agustin, Don Bosco, La Salle, etc) for this season’s RIFA elimination.
Two weeks ago the Marist Midgets played in their home court.  It was the very first game after the long holidays.  The plays went well, inspite of the lack of practice (practice were suspended due to the upcoming periodicals).  The team won 3 games, scored 1 draw and 2 loses.  Not bad. really.
Last Sunday, in the second leg of the tournament, the kids played at Ateneo.  Unlike the previous week, the day went a little bit faster.  We ended shortly after lunch.  The boys won 3 games and loss 2.  The final game was a draw so I think we still have a re-match sometime.
Oh, well… this is a day in the life of a soccer mom.  Early mornings and long, hot days.  Not to mention the running to and fro the field to bring water to a very thirsty goalkeeper.  HAHAHAHA…. but who’s complaining?

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  1. ms. foodie says:

    hahaha, tha’ts one role i love to play too, being the “water girl” for my kids 😀

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. would you mind exchanging links with me? please let me know if it’s ok and i’ll add you right away.


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