Out of the Comfort Zone

While leafing through a copy of Town & Country magazine, a particular article caught my attention.  The article was about “12 Month Horoscopes Guide“, which I would normally consider trivial, but the words flashed like a warning signal.  An old, dull ache was brought to the surface.   An excerpt would probably shed light to what I am babling about…

CANCER  –  …. remember, though, that at least some of the brilliant opportunities coming your way this year will pass you by unless you give yourself a mental shove and get going.  International travel is an intriguing option this year if you can just pry yourself away from those safe, familiar places.  And although you seem torn between an urge to cut loose and a fear of the unknown, a break from routine is exactly what you need.  Don’t run and hide, but go to meet your destiny, because new sights and experiences are going to shift your thinking and your view of your future in a brilliant new direction….And if the planets have one special message to impart to you in 2009, it is to tear off those blinders, look around and boldly reach out for what you want….

I rest my case.  This is what I have been putting off for the longest time.  I have deliberately stucked myself in the familiar.  I enjoyed too much being in the comfort zone.  Sad to admit that in the past year, I let a number of opportunities pass me by.  Fear have become my unconscious ally.

One step forward, two steps back has always been my course of action.   The artcle is a wake-up call for me.  I don’t know how and when the desire for adventure left me.  Hmmm… age, perhaps? Or could be security?  I guess I knew the answer all along.

Let this be my affirmation starting today:  This is my year.  I will move forward, welcome change and taking risks.  I will seize the day!


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  1. pam says:

    It is a very tough thing to step out of one’s safety zone. Good luck!

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