History Unfolds for America

                                                   President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, ...

Millions of American gathered Tuesday in Washington DC to witness history unfold as Barack Obama, takes oath as the 44th, and the very first African-American President of America.

I watched bits and pieces of the entire Inaugural festivities, but had a chance to hear Mr. Obama’s speech.  Albeit the mixed reviews of his inaugural address, I thought his speech to be very humble, bold and optimistic.   It is a reflection of a trait.  The kind of character, in my opinion, a president should have in the midst of a great nation under crisis.

On a lighter side, Michelle Obama was a huge hit in her Isabel Toledo gold dress.  It’s authoritative and chic at the same time.  Classic lines with bold color– a great compliment to Barack’s dark suit.

                                                   President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle walk the Inaugural ...

I share the pride and joy of Americans.  But along with it, I hope for a brighter future not only for the US but also for the world as we welcome a new leader to the fold!


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