Thank you, super so much…


What a pleasant surprise…!  A package from my brother finally arrived.  After months of waiting, Kobe finally got his birthday gift.  A BIG thank you to Tito Titan and Tita Ems.

Both kids were very excited when the box containing Kobe’s PS2 and other stuff (shirts, bags, beauty products, etc) arrived.  Just look at their faces…

Julia, kikay as she is, loved my red purse  and the jumpsuit.  She even insisted on wearing it  for Tita Em to see. 


I hate to be the party pooper but, I was a bit worried that Kobe would forgo his homework in favor of his video games but, as if sensing my agitation, he quicly said ” im gonna play it in the summer, when school is out.”  But knowing Hubby, Im sure weekends will be game time. There’s definitely going to be a fight over tv time…
As usual, I’ll be the wicked witch again for my boys.  Haven’t played the part in a long time.  The boys seem to have forgotten that I banned video games in the house.  Well, except for the gameboy, which I also indulge in from time to time . HAHAHAHA!
Anyways,  we all love our presents.  Following the delightful words Julia said when the box arrived… “wow! I love these things. Thank you, super so much!”

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