Pictures Gone Wild


I totally understand international actress Zhan Ziyi’s outrage when racy pictures of her and her beau invaded the net some days ago.  The pictures were taken during the couple’s beach holiday.   Ziyi and her Isreali boyfriend (who was once linked to Kate Moss) where oblivious of the world around them, they never noticed paparazzi taking shots showing them in diffrent stages of undress.

They were supposed to be in a secluded beach and who would ever think that cameras would be clicking?  Well, it’s a prize one has to pay for being a celebrity (and for dating a millionare?).  Ziyi should not have thrown caution to the winds.  Media could be ruthless.

If there is one thing positive that come about this scandalous images, is that the girl is HOT!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Junjie says:

    The outrage of certain persons only shows one thing: Pure Jealousy.

  2. constance says:

    i like zhang ziyi. she bears a resemblance to gong li..

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