A New Earth


Towards the end of last year, I came across and heard too many times about a man named Eckhart Tolle and his book.  So, without further ado and, as an offering to my gnawing curiousity, I decided to join hundreds of people experience something “new”.  I started reading A New Earth

Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

After reading a chapter or so, I can tell that the book is a little above one’s usual self help genre.  The book focuses on the “NOW” .   Eckhart Tolle advocates the present moment and the destruction of the ego as the source of an “awakened” life experience.  Quite a thought provoking read, actually.  You can at some point, experience that “aha” moment or suddenly a light bulb flashes and then you begin to see clearly.

I found out that this book was written back in 2005 but it was only in early 2008 its pages made the bestsellers list.  Gotta give credit to Oprah.  She’s a major factor on the skyrocket sales and media hype.  In fact, the big O together with Tolle opened online awakening classes, all you have to do is check out oprah.com and voila!

No, I haven’t registered.  I still have to finish the book.  All I can say is that hope springs in these pages.


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