The Holiday that was

Happy New Year!

This is my very first entry for the year. I have not been around for a couple of weeks due to two major things:

1. My pc is busted. Shortly before Christmas my computer went pooft! The technician said we have to get a new cpu because the one we have sustained some “uncurable virus infection”.
2. Refusing to let this major thingy dampen my holiday spirits, I decided to go on a sabatical. I told the kids that we are going to spend a traditional Christmas and New Year. Meaning, I got rid of trhe techie stuff. Pc, gameboy, dvd, etc.

It was a challenge at first but I won things over by replacing the gadegets with cool stuff like books, game boards, and trips to the park.

So far, I had the most memorable holiday celebration. Just us–kids, hubby and me. Simple pleasures, maximum satisfaction.

Another highlight is having to talk with dear family members over at skype. We all had a mervelous time, its like they are never far away at all.

I still didn’t get the computer fixed. As of this writing, I am in an internet cafe, sipping latte and clicking away.  Did I miss the wide, wide, web?  Sure I did.   Facebook, Playlist, Meebo, Ym, etc.   But the recluse in me held on tight.  I don’t know, there is something about the holidays that makes me want to shy away from the world awhile.  This one is definitely no exception.  I have exceeded my expectations and am quite happy about it.

No offense, folks.  It’s just the good old me…

My vacation is almost over.  Welcome to “the new adventures of the old me”


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  1. Sorry to hear about your PC. At least it gave you more quality time to spend with your family. Hope it will be fixed soon.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year. May 2009 usher in many great blessings for you and your family. God bless.

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