Bargain Spots

With just days before Christmas, the public has been in continious frenzy in search of gifts for everyone (and anyone). The traffic gets worse everyday. The counter lines are already a mile-long, no matter the time of day. Not to mention parking. Landing a vaccant spot these days is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re a crammer like me, then Im sure you are not a stranger to all these sorts of holiday stress inducers.

But  I have things under control.  I found some sort of shopping haven amidst all the chaos.  I even think that a huge factor of my being a late shopper is the presence of these establishments. Over the years, i have heavily relied on them for most of my gift-giving needs. Allow me to share bits and pieces of my FAVORITE SHOPPING PLACES:

1. Loreal Philippines. Located at the 23/F of my office building, this is the mecca for make-up junkies. No, you can’t buy items from their office, per se but every once in a while (quarterly, I think) they hold a HUGE sale. This is where I get gifts for my sisters, my son’s teachers, cousins, in-laws, househelp, etc. Among my fave items are Shu Uemera cleansing oil and lipstick; Maybeline cosmetics; Loreal haircolor; lipsticks, Lancome skin products and for Hubby, perfume (e/g/ Agua Di Gio, Cacharel, Ralp Lauren). Products on sale go for a whopping 72-80% off.

2. Addidas Philippines. Also located in my building (38/F). The name speaks for itself, no further ado. Like Loreal, the Addidas sale is via invitation only. You can find popular items like rubbershoes (P500 a pair), gym apparel (P250-P500), shirts (P300), infant shoes (P500), slippers (P200), caps(P150) and jackets(P500-P800) at really rock bottom prices. Can you believe I got a soccer ball, at P499 (80%) off its price? Yup. the ball retails for PhP2,400 in stores.

3. Unicell Marketing. Another outlet located in the 19/F. Unicell is the distributor of popular beauty and bath essentials like Sally Hansen, Body Works, Dial, Lander and Sarah Micheals. They also carry perfume brands like Celine Dione and Healing Garden. Since they are direct distributors, their products are really priced low. Since they opened their doors for the public in November, hordes of people have come everyday. Oh, by the way, they also sell quality luggage, Ecolac. I bought my mom her luggage for P1,400 (original retail price is P3,500).

With all these said, I think of myself as a gifted shopper and a natural bargain hunter. Thanks to my very strategic location, I can afford to give in style without breaking the bank.

Happy shopping (and bargain hunting) everyone!


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