Random Musings


Okay, since I was stingy with updates, let me fill you in with the latest in my not so eventful life. 

1.  Saturday was spent in the mall with Hubby and kids.   We were supposed to finish buying gifts for everyone but ended up buying for us instead. hahahaha! 

2.  Sunday morning we were at my niece, Cristina baptism party.   Wow! aside from the excellent buffet spread, we all had a blast chatting and exchanging juicy details. (pictures will follow, promise)

3.  I had too much of “kuhol” (river snails, much like escargot).  I had a huge tummy ache so was forced to stay at home.  It was a good thinh, though.  At least the three of us (Kobe, Julia, myself) had a blast in the nearby bookstore).

4.  I am still not done with my christmas shopping list.  Aargh! so many gifts, so little time (and budget!).

5.  I still have a couple of entries I’d like to share with you, folks.  Hmmm. perhaps tomorrow is the perfect time to publish it.  

So there. Im afraid I have to sign out now.  I still have tons of report to finish.  In the meantime, Im leaving you with a little Christmas something….

Connie Talbot Lyrics
Merry Christmas Everybody Lyrics


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