Movie Date: TWILIGHT

                                  The cast of the vampire romance 'Twilight'. (Summit Entertainment/Handout/Reuters) ...                                             

At last Hubby and I finally saw the movie.  We went last Friday night and I must say, the film version was very entertaining.  Though there were scenes in the book that were omitted (or overlooked) in the movie, it was pretty good.  For a while I feared that the actors would not lived up to the characters in the book, but I was not.  Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart sizzled as the lovestruck couple Edward and Bella.  Their chemistry was just awesome.  A bit of a let down though was just as the sexual tension mounts, lovescenes seem to fizzle, as the film sticks to the PG category.  The good news is rumors have it that the sequel (yup! people behind the production recently announced it) will have more “action” in store.

                                         Cast members Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart attend the ...


It was obvious that Robert is the star of the show.   This guy’s good looks compensated well for the other actors shortcomings.  Note that Twilight is not a vampire movie.  Rather, a lovestory.  This, I think is the very reason girls swoon over Robert.  His appeal is hypnotizing.  What I don’t get was Jacob.  He was depicted diffrently in the movie.  I also feel like the other characters in the film were not given much of a part (or exposure) to really establish rapport with the audience.

Well, like all books which were made into movies, this one is no diffrent.  The book is still much better than the film.  But, hey, with all the hype, Twilight is a good date flick.


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