Back to the Lab


Forgive me folks for being MIA (again).  I have been and out of the hospital these past couple of days.  No, I wasn’t really sick but had to undergo several tests to pin piont what’s wrong with me.  Frankly, I find it strange that I was diagnosed to be hypertensive while feeling or not showing any symptoms at all. 

My diagnosis came rather unexpected during a routine check up I had.  Actually, I only went for a consult for the on/off fever I had.  When the doctor checked my blood pressure, I registered a 150/100 scale.  I was immediately given medication and was advised to have my bp monitored for the next three days.   Guess what?  My BP fell between a high range of 140-150/100.  I was then referred to a Cardiologist and from there on, I was subjected to different laboratory tests all in a span of a week.  It was really tiring, not to mention traumatic to go in a cycle of blood tests and fasting.

I underwent blood chemistry, ecg, and several homone tests (eg THS, cortisone, prolactine, etc).  The good news is results were good.  I was within normal bounderies.  Well, except for my cholesterol which is slightly higher.  The bad news is inspite of my daily medication, Im still hypertensive (140-150/100 range).  Which means the doctors still don’t know what is causing it.  And will probably mean I have to brace myself for another bout of laboratory.

This sort of thing is reminiscent of what I’ve experienced some two years ago.  In 2006 I was diagnosed to have galactorrhea.  A rare breast condition which manifests itself by “inappropriate lactation”.  I too underwent several tests and the most dreaded MRI (brain).  Though my lab results showed normal values, I had a BIG scare (at around the same time Dad was fighting against the big C).

Heaven must have heard my silent pleas.  I bombarded God with tons and tons of prayers.  By some miracle, the symptoms, I had and feared are gone.  Until now…

Im keeping my fingers crossed and am hoping for the best…


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