Love, in the Time of… (the 9th Year Edition)

Forgive me for these trickled entries, I have been sick for two days now.  Not that I have nothing to write about, on the contrary, there is some thing I’d very much like to share…

Hubby and I just celebrated our 9th year wedding anniversary two days ago (yup, the same time I got sick). Well, actually I was not the first one to come down with a flu, it was Hubby.  As much as we have prepared for our special day, we had no choice but to stay at home and care for each other (sob,sob,sob). 

I called off our dinner reservations and cancelled our movie date as well.  We were supposed to watch the new James Bond Film, Quantum Solace.  Instead, we spent the whole day in the room watching dvd’s, reading and reminiscing.  Since I sent the househelp on a day off ( oops, wrong decision), I was forced to get up, albiet my aching body, to prepare food.  Good thing Hubby was ok with chicken soup and bread.

You ask me if I am disappionted?  I will not lie.. of course I am. Such wasted plans.  Another romantic bubble burst.  But this I am proud to say… I have learned valuable lessons not just about love but more importantly, about life in general.  9 years (and counting!) with Hubby is one hell of a ride.  The road we choose to take is sometimes bumpy and laden with detours.  But we’re still here.  Travelling…TOGETHER.

LESSON #1.  Be patient.  Good things come to those who wait.

LESSON #2.  Love transcends the mushy, over-the-hill stuff.  Oftentimes, the greatest love is expressed not by grandeur, but rather the simple, unassuming ways.

LESSON #3.  Children are the greatest gift and blessing a marriage could have.

LESSON #4.  To give is also to receive

LESSON #5.  God is the secret to marriage.  This may sound cliche, but “the family that prays together, stays together“.

LESSON # 6.  One Family, One Team.  Stick together, no matter what.  No one can never go wrong with loyalty.

LESSON # 7.  Humor works wonders.  Laughter is the best diffuser.

LESSON # 8.  Money is certainly NOt everything but it wouldn’t hurt having them handy.

LESSON # 9.  Marriage is a work in progress.  Celebrating your nth anniverasay does not make you an expert.  On the contrary, each day is an unfolding journey.


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