Fave Hang-out Spot

One of my goal in raising my kids is that they would grow to love reading.  It is said that children learn best by example.  I think my efforts paid off.  These past months I have observed Kobe and Julia take interest in books and other reading materials.

My son, who is in the 1st grade, regularly borrows a book or two from their library.  Recently, we discovered a quaint bookstore near our place called the Bell, Book and Candle.  The store sells second hand books and magazines.  They have a wide array to chose from–childrens’, adults’, classics, even medical books and magazines. 

We love the place because it has a really cool reading spot for the kids, and the owners don’t mind customers spending the whole day browsing on all their good reads.  In fact, most of our Saturday mornings are spent checking their latest collection.  Over the past month, I purchased quite a handful of children’s books for Julia.  Kobe, who likes animal, insects and mystery stories, has this as a current favorite:

                                         Scooby-doo And The Groovy Ghost (Scooby-Doo, Mysteries)

For two weeks now, I have been reading Julia’s favorite book every night and whenever she feels like listening to the story.  Actually, the book I got was supposed to be for me.  But she liked it so much that I gave it to her.   Written by Emma Thomson, I found that Felicity Wishes is a series of books that is both endearing to children and adults.

                                     Felicity Wishes Little Book of Birthdays (Emma Thomsons Felicity Wishes)


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