Movie Night

Its been quite a while since our last date.  Im glad Hubby took a much needed time to go to the movies with me.  What’s even more surprising, he let me choose what to watch.  So, by all means, I chose the mushy, over-the-hill, NIGHTS IN RODANTHE.

                                       Richard Gere and Diane Lane star in Warner Bros. Pictures' Nights in Rodanthe

The film was based on Nicholas Sparks‘ heartbreaking novel.  The movie stars Diane Lane and Richard Gere as two people who seeks solace from their failures in a beach house in a small town of Rodanthe.  As you might have guessed, both fall in love.

I found the movie dragging.  Hate to see such good actors get lost in the sea of emotion they were playing.  The movie was a poor attempt to make audience cry.  The book was much better at it.  If I were to grade the film, I’d give it a C+.

Of course, I’d give dear Hubby an A for effort and thoughtfulness.


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