Democrat Barack Obama.(AP)

America made history today by electing the very first black President.  Senator Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States.  As of this writing, Senator Mc Cain in his speech from Arizona, conceded and congratulated his opponent.

Mc Cain gave a very touching speech.  I admire him for so humbly accepting defeat.  This is a very memorable day for our brothers in the States.  I only hope that along with a promise of of reform that comes with the new president, Mr. Obaama would live up to the challenges and demands of his role.

God Bless America


It is very interesting to note that with just 52% of the results, an opponent has already conceded.  I can’t help but notice the stark difference from our own elections.  In the Philippines, a major election such as this would normally take months before a winner is proclaimed.  I really wish that our country would learn from this historical event.  Imagine, in just 24 hours, a new president has been elected.  No bloodshed.

I wonder what’s instore for our country under his four year regime? In parting, this is all I can say:  GOD HELP THE PHILS.

(photo courtesy of yahoo news)

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